B i o g r a p h y

S e r g e y  P r o v o r o v  is a musician, composer and poet. He beats the bag out of his guitar by playing full orchestrations with complex rhythmical figures and rich harmony. He skillfully uses his versatile talent while playing in several musical bands. Sergey has always been an active participant of many major music festivals, working both as an instrumentalist and a vocalist. He has successfully collaborated with jazz bands, academic and folk musicians, as well as rockers. And he feels equally comfortable while working in bigger and smaller, chamber lineups. In his creative work Sergey turns to Art-rock, Jazz, Indian ethnic music, European musical tradition and Russian folklore.
 • acoustic guitar,
 • electric guitar,
 • bass guitar,
 • double bass,
 • madolines
 • sitar,
 • saz
 • harmony.
Sergey have been participating as a session musician:
 • cabaret band SEREBRIANAJA SVADBA (Minsk. Belarus)  The south of Russia`s tour - 2008. 
The festival "Empty Hills-2008".
 Gurzuf (Minsk. Belarus) 
The south of Russia`s tour - 2008.
 • Vyhod (St. Petersburg. Russia)
The south of Russia`s tours - 2012, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017.  The festival "Empty Hills-2010".
 • RockerJocker (Minsk. Belarus)
The south of Russia`s tour - 2012.
 • RomaVPR & Фесtиваl Всего Насвete (Moscow. Russia) 
The festival "Empty Hills-Golden City-2011"
  Julia Teunikova & CoMPOzit (Moscow. Russia)
The festivals "Dry Hills-3 - 2009".
The festivals "Empty Hills-2010".
The festival №17 - 2014.
 ASKETICS (Petrozavodsk. Russia)
The festival "Empty Hills - 2010".
The festival №17 - 2014.
 • Post-JAZZ trio (Moscow. Russia)
The concert in Rostov-on-Don - 2013.
During the project "STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS"  Sergey played with:
 • Petr Akimov (cello, piano)
 • Julia Tuzova (voice)
 • Artem Zalesskiy (drums, percussions)
 • John Kukaryamba (percussions)
 • Tanya Rechnaya (flutes)
 • Asya Shemyakina (tabla)
 • Roy Subir Nondi (tabla)
 • Natalia Skvortcova (piano, keyboard)
 • Inna Lukicheva (voice)
 • Yuriy Sevostianov (soprano sax)
 • Georg Beletckiy (throat singing, Altai folk instruments)
 • Rust Virado (double bass)
 • Vladimir Glushko (drums, percussions)
 • Mihail Skoryi (balalaika)
 • Taisiya Bykova (cello)
 • Anatoliy Osipov (alto sax)
 • Alyona Minulina (voice)
 • Ilya Sandalov (piano, keyboard)
 • Sergey Krasnopolskiy (double bass)
 • Kirill Stepanenko (percussions)
and many others...
Participated in the recording albums:
 • FolkBeat & friends "The Joyful Meeting" - 2016
                                      (guitar, mandolin, bass)
 • Julia Tuzova "Podlezhashee" - 2013
                                      (guitar, mandolin, double bass)
 • InNa "Polovodie" - 2011
 • Skazochnik v zakone (TNN) "Muzyku delat nelzya" - 2005                              (slide guitar)

Performance at the festival "Empty Hills-2010"


cabaret band SEREBRIANAJA SVADBA - live performance in Rostov-on-Don


duet SERGEY PROVOROV / RUST VIRADO - project STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS - live performance at the festival "Empty Hills- 2010"


duet SERGEY PROVOROV / ROY SUBIR NONDI  - project STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS - live performance in Rostov-on-Don