J u l i a   T u z o v a   /   S e r g e y   P r o v o r o v

Music as friendship, words as breath, music as sacrament, words as feelings. Each new song is a separate life, each new music is a way beyond the horizon. Yulia Tuzova and Sergey Provorov, as independent and successful creative personalities, have existed for a long time and separately from each other have their own established projects and copyright programs, collaborate with different groups and musicians. But when they meet, a new look appears, new emotions, new rhythms, new impulses, new harmonies, new music. For almost 25 years of cooperation, Julia and Sergey have played many concerts together, released joint singles and albums. The album “Subject” 2013, which was praised by many music publications and experts, took place, among other things, thanks to the long-standing friendship and creative cooperation of Julia and Sergey, but certainly not without the help of many other great musicians. In the 2010s, a program was formed that can be described as folk jazz ambient.