I n s t r u m e n t a l   p r o g r a m  "C i n e m a  &  m u s i c"

Sergey Provorov in his live instrumental program "Cinema and Music" in real time voiced the space and time, which is incorporated in the video by directors of silent films of the twentieth century. In times of silent cinema, the demonstration of films was often accompanied by the game of taperers who added tempo, mood, pulsation, and life to the picture from the screen. Sergei Provorov uses a guitar and a loop station in this program, thanks to which the musical accompaniment acquires an ensemble sound.

1. A propos de Nice - 1930 (Jean Vigo, camera Boris Kaufman)


 • A propos de Nice - the debut work of French film director Jean Vigo, who during his short career made a significant contribution to the development of poetic realism - the flow in French cinema of the 30s, which later had a great influence on the directors of the French new wave. Jean Vigo created his film in tandem with cameraman Boris Kaufman, brother of the Soviet film director Dziga Vertov. This is how Jean Vigo himself described the film during the film's creation: “Blue sky, white houses, dazzling sea, sun, flowers of various shades, a heart full of happiness: here, at first glance, the atmosphere of Nice. But this is only the appearance of a city of pleasure, an ephemeral appearance, fleeting and death-filled.” Boris Kaufman wrote about the work on the film:  “All this may seem naive today, but we were sincere, deliberately giving up everything that was colorful, but devoid of value, lightweight contrast. The story should have been understood without captions or commentary. We shot, hoping for the audience to understand with the help of some associations.”

2. Berlin. Symphony of a big city - 1927 

 • The film Walter Ruttman "Berlin. Symphony of a big city" is a classic masterpiece of world cinema. The premiere of the film took place in 1927 and even then it was noted as a bold avant-garde film experiment. A special installation technique and accuracy of documentary photography convey the hectic pace of life in a megacity. The one and only actor in the film is Berlin itself - a giant, moloch, a titan. The symphony is made up of millions of human faces.  In the frame they are brought together with each other and with everything that accompanies, passes by, hurries, rests ...! Work! Shine! Poverty! Life! Death! In the frame there is street bustle, rotating parts of cars, dancing cabaret actresses, boys, newspaper reporters, imposing burghers, heaps of buildings, semaphores. Assembly cutting offers a special, dynamic style of narration, characteristic of the technique of "high" documentary. Like all the films of its time, “Berlin. The Symphony of a Big City” is not accompanied by a sound track, although its very name refers to the possibility of musical interpretation.


Sergey Provorov - A propos de Nice

Sergey Provorov - A propos de Nice (фрагмент)

Instrumental program "Cinema & music 1.1"

Performance at the Art.City.People @ Berlin - 11 января 2019 года